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How to Build a Socially-Conscious, Eco-Fashion Business

January 13, 2009

This week on Planet Good Radio, I will interview Adrienne Catone, Owner of Faerie’s Dance, a web-based retail clothing store, about what it takes to build a successful, socially conscious business in this interesting economy.

Adrienne Catone, owner of Faires DanceAdrienne, a vegan from Southern California, with a penchant for people, animals and the planet (well, and Faeries too, of course) says, “Every aspect of our business is conducted with passion, delight and sustainability in mind. The impact of every decision is considered, from the very small (like using recycled office paper and printing double-sided), to the grandiose, (such as donating a percent of our gross sales to charity).

Come meet Adrienne this Thursday at 3 p.m. PST.  We invite you join in the conversation (you can call live during the show at 646.929.0669) and find out her secrets for creating a successful, socially-conscious business.  Visit our show’s page on for more info.

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