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The Power of Fans (or, How Susan Boyle reminds us about Truth and Beauty )

April 20, 2009
Susan Boyle, a Superstar with FANS

Susan Boyle, a Superstar with FANS

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week or so, you know about Susan Boyle.  She’s the new Superstar of Britain’s Got Talent – (check her out on video here).

Apparently, everyone in the world prejudged Susan as a talentless, middle-aged frump — solely on the basis of her appearance.  Until she opened her mouth.  And then she had FANS.

Susan reminds ALL of us that judging ‘a book by its cover’ can be dangerous and stupid.  But that’s not all she’s done.

She’s started collecting huge amounts of fans.  People in her hometown love her, and people around the world love her.  And she’s got fans online too (have you seen The Fans of Susan Boyle Facebook pages? We’re talkin’ millions!) .  And all of those fans want to hear more from Susan.

What would YOU do with that kind of influence?

I’m sure Ms. Boyle will use her Super Powers for good (and not evil) — and mostly I know this because a voice as true and beautiful as hers could never be used for any other purpose.  But this begs a question you may want to consider as you put together your own marketing plans.  Where are YOUR fans?  And do you know how to influence them?

The beautiful truth about powerful marketing (that’s used for good) is that we all have the ability to tap it — in our own unique way.  We all have a supreme talent and unique voice that — if we let it out and shine — will help us connect with our fan base and start a wave that we can wield in all sorts of fun and fabulous ways.

I’m waiting to see what Susan does with her Fan Club.  Will she change the world?  What do you think?

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