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Be Famous. And while you’re at it, be in the right place at the right time, too.

May 25, 2009
Joshua Bell, uber-famous (and talented!) violinist

Joshua Bell, uber-famous (and talented!) violinist

When you’re thinking about how to market your products and services, you’ll first need to consider your audience (AKA your Target Market).  Your audience is the group of people that really wants what you have.  You just need to find out where they are and how to talk to them and the rest is a piece of cake.  They see you, recognize you are the one they’ve been searching for, and…the rest is history. (Okay, it’s not that easy, but I couldn’t resist.)

One of the pieces of this puzzle – their recognition of you as THE ONE – will only happen if you appear in the right context.

Case in point: when Joshua Bell (the famous violinist) posed as a street musician in Washington DC, nobody paid him any attention.  Normally, if you want to see this guy play, you have to shell out a minimum of $100 (that’s for the cheap seats).  But on this day, in the subway, he played for hours and only earned $32.  Wha??!  Yes, it’s true.  Most people didn’t even stop.  Only a few small children recognized that something really good was happening and slowed down their parents for a few moments.  He was playing his Stradivarious for cryin out loud!  And people were just too busy to see (hear) the beauty right in front of them. (Side note: don’t let this happen to YOU.)

They didn’t recognize Joshua Bell as THE ONE because he was in the wrong context for them.  Members of his target audience (classical music lovers) were most likely among the many that walked right past him.

But they didn’t stop because they were on autopilot.  Their heads were wrapped around the task of getting to work.  That’s it. That’s all they could see, hear or think about.

So remember this when you are trying to break through the gazillions of messages that are constantly bombarding us day in and day out.  You’ve really got to position yourself and your message in the right context.  Perception is half the battle.  If people believe you’re famous, they’ll pay attention.  But only if you’re being famous in the right place at the right time.

Read the original article from The Washington Post

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