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Authentic Marketing! (or, why it’s important to walk your talk)

July 10, 2009
What are YOU promising to do?

What are YOU promising to do?

Marketing is tricky business.  And Authentic Marketing is even trickier.  Not in the sense that it’s hard to figure out.  But in the sense that it often takes guts and courage and attention to details and…well, you get the picture.

I was personally reminded this week to check the status of my own “marketing messages” in a real-life situation that on the surface might seem trivial to most.  It happened last night as my son and I were coming home from the grocery store.  He asked me about my Terra Pass.

Terra Pass is an organization that provides carbon offsets for things like travel and energy usage. I had purchased a Terra Pass early last year to balance my annual gasoline usage, but had let the pass lapse during the downturn in the economy.

Then along comes my son with the message (I’m paraphrasing here): “Mom! You of all people should know better…”

It’s true.  I am someone who should know better.  But I stopped paying attention.  And I’m glad my son was there to remind me that even things as small as a bumpersticker are important marketing messages.  They say something about who you are.

People notice.  They notice what you do and what you say.  And if those two things aren’t in alignment, it will chip away at your credibility and erode people’s trust in what you have to offer.  So keep that in mind when you are making promises about quality, customer service, or how “green’ you are.

First thing I did this morning was renew my Terra Pass.  (Thank you, son.)

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