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I love your comments — especially the relevant ones!  That’s why I moderate them all.

Note: Many thanks to Michael Fortin for coming up with these great “rules” for blog comments. See his original post here.

Because I really value your time as a reader AND a commenter, here just three rules to understand if you’d like your comments approved:

1. Respect. If your comment contains meaningless content, off-topic content, abusive language, personal attacks, spam, or illegal activities, it will be promptly deleted. Bullies, spammers, and faultfinders need not reply. Stay on topic. And think twice before you post.

2. Action, not words. If you sincerely appreciate my content, I prefer you share the link (such as on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social site), sending me a tip (see my “about the blogger” section), or offering something valuable for Social Goodies readers. Even better, post on your own blog and trackback to this website or post.

3. Critiques, debates, and challenges are welcome. If, on the other hand, you dislike something I said, the same rules apply. Share with us why you dislike my blog post, why you disagree with me, and what you believe is a better alternative.

I look forward to your comments. Keep in mind, though, all comments are moderated and will be reviewed before approval, usually within 24 hours. Comments may be edited (to make them compliant with the above rules) or deleted, at my discretion, without notice.

Bottom line: be relevant, be genuine, and play nicely.

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