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Are you a Social Entrepreneur?

You are if there’s nothing more important (to you and to the world) than the work you’re doing.

If you’ve got a product, service or idea that is based on progressive solutions to a current world or community challenge; and you need assistance with business or marketing planning, then you’ll want to partner with us.

We know that when you find true business success, we all win.  We believe strongly that conscious capitalists will be the leaders in creating waves of positive change — in our communities and throughout the world.

With nearly 20 years of marketing and business expertise, Social Good Consulting helps you to do just that.  We provide you with knowledgeable, strategic assistance that is authentic, affordable and effective.

Clarify your Vision so the World “Gets” It

It’s important to the success of your work that you communicate your vision clearly and strategically, and that means understanding your audience, how they communicate, and what methods of communication work best with them. We help you articulate your vision to those who most need to hear it.  Visually. Verbally. And with a confident style all your own.

Plan for Success

One of the most important ways you can ensure your organization’s success is to PLAN.  Do you have a business plan?  A marketing plan?  A public relations plan?  Do you know how to implement them?  Is your operational structure sound?  Your processes in place?

Schedule a Consultation

Prospective clients are invited to call us at 805-658-8196 for a no-pressure, free 30-minute discussion of your current situation.  This will allow both of us to see if there is a good fit for working together.  After we’ve had a chance to chat, if the relationship looks like it would be beneficial for both of us, we will provide you with a written proposal for your project.

To learn more about Social Good Consulting, visit us online.

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